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Meyers Beach Kayaking

Apostle Islands Kayak, Camping, and Ice Cave Tours

Sea Caves Tours

Sea caves can be found at the following locations and are listed from most impressive to least: Devil’s Island, Sand Island, Meyers Beach, Red Cliff, Stockton Island, Outer Island, Ironwood Island, Cat Island, Bear Island, Romans Point, and Madeline Island.

Are you ready for a fun day on the water that your friends and family will never forget? Experience a Guided Tour in the most beautiful Sea caves in the world!

Starting at $45 · 3 Hours

  • History of the area: Treaties that Chief Buffalo had signed in 1854 by the president.
  • 22 islands around the area and the majority are owned by national parks except for Madeleine Island which the government could not take because it is a part of the creation story of the indigenous populations
  • Indigenous populations went in different directions based on a prophecy

2 Hours $65/person · 4 Hours $108/person

  • Meyers Beach has the largest caves, the largest cliffs, and the most scenic views in the area.
  • This is the section of caves that became famous as the ice caves, and they are absolutely incredible
  • It is a one-mile paddle from Meyers Beach to the first cave. The two-hour option is four miles round trip, the five-hour is eight miles round trip
  • We spend time exploring the sea stacks, tunnel caves and sea arches

Starting at $35 · 3 Hours

  • most beautiful Ice Cave formations around
  • 1.8 mile one-way trip

Starting at $108/person · 5 Hour 

  • The sandstone on Sand Island is mesmerizing, with rich iron banding and the smaller granular size make them appear as an abstract masterpiece, this billion-year-old sandstone is truly an awe-inspiring natural wonder.
  • 4-6 people minimum

Starting at $35/person · 4 to 8 Hours

  • Beginner paddlers are encouraged to use Basswood, Oak, Stockton, Madeline, Long and Hermit Island. These islands are protected and offer a safer paddling experience.

Kayak Rentals & Camping

Stand up paddle board rentals and sit on top kayak rentals come with free instruction. $25 safety course and safety test are only for sea kayak rentals and is not required for kayak tours.

You must be able to swim to rent any kayak from us. Sea kayaks are the only kayaks allowed for island crossings. Any person that can Eskimo roll, rodeo re-enter, and T-rescue a sea kayak and can demonstrate those skills on the day of your rental will pass our free safety test. If you do not already have these kayak skills we offer a one-hour training session for $25 per person. However, you must still be able to pass a safety test after the training session to be able to rent a sea kayak. Safety test requirements are being able to execute a successful wet exit, re-entry, and T-rescue.


We specialize in adventure facilitation for kayaking and ice cave adventures in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.

If you do not have kayak experience we highly suggest that you go on a sea kayaking tour with a guide. It takes kayaking skills, and you must be in good shape and you must be able to swim to kayak without a guide in the Apostle Islands. Tours are appropriate for beginners and inexperienced paddlers as we only launch in safe paddling conditions and guides are equipped to tow if necessary.

If you are visiting Bayfield from July 4th – Labor Day, please book your kayak rentals and Apostle Island sea cave tours in advance. That is our busy season and with prior notice we can guarantee a reservation for you.

Kayakers holding up their paddles at Red Cliff caves