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Overnight Kayak Trips

Unpredictable winds and camping permits make it difficult to guarantee the paddling itinerary for our overnight tours. By referencing the map below you can see where each overnight tour potentially has access to. NPS camping permits are not always available for the location you want but we do have our own private campground 1/4 mile from Little Sand Bay kayak launch that you can use as your base camp for $15/ night.

Our overnight tours are priced lower than other outfitters because we do not provide food, tents, or sleeping bags. Our guides are there to assure you are safe on the water and make good decisions about weather and wind. Once on land, you will need to be prepared to take care of yourself.

Overnight Tour Access Map

This map shows you the regions that are accessible to the different lengths of overnights. The lines are not routes of travel but rather show you the delineation between the regions. If the wind blows from the West over 12 mph you will likely do most of your paddling on the East (right) side of the region.

Overnight trips routes
Paddles in the air while kayakers are in a sea cave at Apostle Island